WoK Character Notes

Ten Heralds

from Ancient Vorin theology; OG Shardbearers

“They see us as divinities, They rely upon us, Jezrien. We’re all that they have.”


Jezrien – “looked young, like a man barely into his thirtieth year”; “calm, deep, regal”; the king of Heralds;

Talenel [Taln] – “died holding that passage by the northern waterway”; “had a tendency to choose seemingly hopeless fights and win them”;

Ishar – “believes that so long as there is one of us still bound to the Oathpact, it may be enough. There is a chance that we might end the cycle of Desolations.”;





Shalash – statue “was conspicuously missing”;


Szeth-son-son-Vallano – “Truthless of Shovinar”; “wore white on the day he was to kill a king”; Shardbearer



“this was the Alethi name for them. It mean, roughly, “parshmen who can think.” Neither side seemed to see that as an insult.”;


“a natural nobility to them”; “pure black hair”; “lighteyes”;

King Gavilar – [deceased] King of the Alethi; “said to be very devout in his Vorin worship”; “Tell … tell my brother … he must find the most important words a man can say. …”

Dalinar Kholin“the king’s own brother”

Jasnah“the king’s daughter”; “the Alethi king’s brilliant, heretic sister. Jasnah was only thirty-four years old, yet many felt she would already have obtained the cap of a master scholar if it weren’t for her vocal denunciations of religion. Most specifially, she denounced the devotaries, the various religious congregations that proper Vorin people joined.”

Elhokar“the king’s son and heir”  King of Alethi

Kaladin – “Stormblessed”; “his black Alethi hair was shoulder-length and wavy, his eyes a dark brown”

Sylphrena [Syl] – windspren that follows Kaladin around; has “memories”

Cenn – “a lanky, red-haired Veden, with darker tan skin than the Alethi”

Dallet – “weathered veteran”

Tien – ?

Shallan Davar – a red-headed little artist savant weirdo from Jah Keved (Yaaaah Kev-Ed);

Nan Balat – Shallan’s brother; “Twenty-three years old, he thought, and already a cripple.


“All Thaylen men had the same stark white beards – regardless of their age or the color of the hair on their heads – and white eyebrows.”

Tozbek – Captain of the Wind’s Pleasure; “was a calm and cautious man, an excellent sailor, even if he was a pagan. He’d guided the ship with care along the coast, always finding a sheltered cove to ride out the highstorms.”; “Tozbek was a short man, even-shouldered with Shallan, and he wore his long white Thaylen eyebrows up in a curious spiked pattern. It was like he ahd two waving fans above his eyes, a foot long each.”

Ishikk – [Purelaker: “A good Purelaker never covered his shoulders when the sun was shining. A man could get sick that way, not getting enough sunlight.”]


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