Words of WoK

“But wine was the great assassin of both tradition and propriety, and now the Alethi elite danced with abandon.”

“This was a Basic Lashing, first of his three kinds of Lashings. It gave him the ability to manipulate whatever force, spren, or god it was that held men to the ground. With this Lashing, he could bind people or objects to different surfaces or in different directions.”

“As always, the Shardblade killed oddly; though it cut easily through stone, steel, or anything inanimate, the metal fuzzed when it touched living skin. It traveled through the guard’s neck without leaving a mark, but once it did, the man’s eyes smoked and burned. They blackened, shriveling up in his head, and he slumped forward, dead.”

“A Shardblade did not cut living flesh; it severed the soul itself.”

“According to legend, the Shardblades were first carried by the Knights Radiant uncounted ages ago. Gifts of their god, granted to allow them to fight horrors of rock and flame, dozens of feet tall, foes whose eyes burned with hatred. The Voidbringers. When your foe had skin as hard as stone itself, steel was useless. Something supernal was required.”

“I was just thinking this: You say that my beauty coaxed the winds to deliver us to Kharbranth with haste. But wouldn’t that imply that on other trips, my lack of beauty was to blame for us arriving late?” – Shallan

“A scholar knows not to waste time rediscovering information already known. It’s a lesson I sometimes forget.” – Jasnah

“Chronic competence, I should guess. She’s been so successful in life that she has unrealistic expectations of others.” – Shallan

“The body needs many different foods to remain healthy. And the mind needs many different ideas to remain sharp.” – Shallan

“The people who exist to be saved or to be killed. The group in the middle. The ones who can’t do anything but die or be protected. The victims. That’s all I am.” – Kaladin

“Inside out of the sun, wearing shirts against its warmth, feet out of the tide. No wonder their thoughts are so odd.” – Ishikk

“There was nobody to turn to. Her family, mostly because of her father, was loathed even by its allies. Highprince Valam – the brightlord to whom her family gave fealty – was ailing, and no longer offered them the protection he once had. When it became known that her father was dead and her family bankrupt, that would be the end of House Davar. They’d be consumed and subjugated to another house.

They’d be worked to the bone as punishment – in fact they might even face assasination by disgruntled creditors. Preventing that depended on Shallan and the first step came with Jasnah Kholin.”




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