WoK – Chapters 6-11

Kaladin 6 - Bridge Four, 9 - Damnation, 10 - Stories of Surgeons, 11 - Droplets Kaladin's arrival at the Shattered Plains is exactly the opposite of all his childhood dreams. He is not a soldier anymore -- he's a bridgeman. At first he suspects he'll be a woodworker, but soon the truth of a bridgeman's... Continue Reading →


Words of WoK

"But wine was the great assassin of both tradition and propriety, and now the Alethi elite danced with abandon." "This was a Basic Lashing, first of his three kinds of Lashings. It gave him the ability to manipulate whatever force, spren, or god it was that held men to the ground. With this Lashing, he... Continue Reading →

WoK Character Notes

Ten Heralds from Ancient Vorin theology; OG Shardbearers "They see us as divinities, They rely upon us, Jezrien. We're all that they have." Kalak - Jezrien - "looked young, like a man barely into his thirtieth year"; "calm, deep, regal"; the king of Heralds; Talenel [Taln] - "died holding that passage by the northern waterway"; "had... Continue Reading →

WoK – Prelude to the Stormlight Archive

Welcome to Reader Be Where! E here! Let's start things off with a short synopsis of the Prelude to the Stormlight Archive, the 10  book epic fantasy series by one of my favorite writers, Brandon Sanderson. Let's start off with a short synopsis of the Prelude from me, with some prompts for  A, and her answers below. In the... Continue Reading →

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